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Weather vs Concrete

Early morning building foundation pour at Hub Hyundai WestWeather has been and will forever be the enemy of a concrete contractor. We always want a perfect day, no rain, mild wind, humidity and moderate tempatures. Well as we know that is a rare occasion; unless you live in San Diego.


Houston, Texas is a place where the heat requires early summer morning concrete pours to avoid the 100 degree heat. The heat effects not only the concrete itself but the people who place it. If concrete is not placed fast enough it can over heat and is then no longer suiteable for use. At the cost of $1,000 per load, this is not something  a contractor can afford to loose. The responsibility is normally, if not always on the concrete contractor to get the material(concrete) down before it becomes unusable. Cold weather also effects the work, if temps are below 45 degrees and not rising then it's wise to hold off pouring. There are additives to help in both accelerating set time in the winter and retarding it in the summer. These of course are not added for free!


The weather is a variable that really plays havoc with schedules and people's temperament. So far as I know we are not able to control the weather; we just work with what the Good Lord gives us! General contractors and property owners always want a good job at a fair price. The weather variable is something that irritates them to no end! They will complain about not pouring when it's cold, complain about staying late due to slow set time in the winter, complain about early pour times in the summer , which can often be at 2 and 3 AM. Yet rarely is there an offer to pay additional for such a service.


The concrete business is somewhat like farming with out any Government subsities. I have fought the weather for 35 years as a concrete contractor and as to this date I have never won the battle. Wise men try and schedule around what the weather man says, make few allowances and push the job when it needs pushing, pray always and just use common sense! Weather is as fickle as PG woman. Always changing and can be dangerous if not given due respect!


The weather has me second guessing myself again!

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May 31, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDaniel

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